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Haven 8, Oudeschild


Our aquarium at the entrance is filled with four varieties of oysters. 
Maybe you would like to begin with an oyster sampling plate?

Fines de Claire
Fines de Claire, originated from the coast of Normandy, have been present in French Cuisine/gastronomy from the 17th Century.  
The oysters are quaked in tables within the sea and in 3 to 4 years grow into terrific delicacies.
These oysters have a soft delicious skin and an unique saline flavor with a light nutty aroma.

st 3.50
6st 20.00
12st 40.00

Spéciale Gold Beach 
This oyster is grown in its natural habitat in Normandy in a particular ecological protected environment. 
The oysters stay here the whole year, constantly affected by the movements of the p
ure waters. 
Gold Beach develops along with the seasons, the currents and the movements of the phytoplankton. A 100% natural product!

Spéciale Gold Beach is a real quality Oyster with a delicious, full, somewhat salty taste. A delicate and natural taste for the enthusiast.

st 4.00
6st 22.50
12st 45.00

The world reknown Gillardeau oyster originates from waters between the island Ile d' Oleron and the coast of La Rochelle. 
In 1898 Henri Gillardeau and family began to build a name for this oyster through superior marketing which 
resulted in world fame. The Gillardeau oyster belongs to the stem 'Crasstrea Gigos'. This oyster is a 
'Special de Claire' ranking higher thereby in quality than the famous 'Fine de Clairs'

st 5.00
6st 27.50
12st 55.00

Dutch flat oyster
This delicious oyster has firm flesh and a creamy, iodine flavour. As the name indicates, the oyster is flat and round in shape. It takes as long as five years before this oyster is large enough for consumption. The size of this oyster is indicated in ‘zeros’, the more zeros, the larger the oyster.

st 6.00
6st 32.50
12st 65.00

Oyster Sampler  
Indulge yourself in a test tasting extravaganza of all the luxurious oysters above. Fines de Claire, Spéciale Gold Beach,
Gillardeau, Dutch flat oyster. This sample platter of diverse oysters described above is served with lemon,
red wine, vinegar, along with shallots, tabassco, Grappa Liquor and TX Vodka.

Per 4