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Di Zabbia The Organic Limoncello, 100% organic
This Premium Dutch Spirit from Amsterdam carries the Skal certificate, which stands for reliability of organic products in Netherlands. The organic lemons are still manually peeled and steeped in organic grain alcohol. This limoncello is inspired by an old family recipe of the family Zabbia. Di Zabbia has an accessible alcohol content of 24% giving it a soft lemon and fresh taste. A perfect ending of your dinner to help the digestion getting started!

Camus Ile de Ré X.O.
Off the coast of La Rochelle in France, lies the small island of Ile de Ré. The House Camus is the only producer of Cognacs, all with their own "character". Through the use of seaweed as compost and the salt air, this Cognac has its own taste. During the second bearing additional toasted barrels are used so that the Cognac also has an pleasantly soft character. Camus Ile de Ré will only strengthen the "island feel" and is therefore highly recommended.

Château du Breuil VSOP
Located in the green heart of Normandy you will find Chateau du Breuil, a historic listed Castle. The damp climate creates ideal growing conditions for the 22,000 Apple trees around the Castle. This Calvados has a minimum maturation of four years on oak barrels and is therefore soft and smooth in taste, with a wonderful fruity elegance with strong accents of apple and pear.

Van Wees 20 years old grain jenever
A phenomenal grain jenever, also referred to as the ' fine champagne ' of the Dutch jenevers. Twenty years barrel aged on Oak results in an unprecedented delicate taste experience. For the jenever connoisseurs a concept, for the lovers a “must” that you have to taste at least once!

Talisker 57
º North
This whiskey gets its name from the geographical latitude of the location of the distillery, which is on one of the most remote and Northern locations in the rugged terrain of the Isle of Skye.The whiskey is matured in American oak. Result is an intense character: initially, a sweet and smoky flavor. An explosive sensation in the middle with a beautifully crisp and peppery aftertaste.

Ron Zacapa Centenario 23yrs (Chef's choice)
In Guatemala, at a height of no less than 2300 metres, matures Zacapa. The rum is slowly matured on this high altitude which results in a more intense smell, color and taste.
In addition, Ron Zacapa Centenario is a mix of various rums which are aged between 6 and 23 years in the renowned Sistema Solera (rums of different vessels and levels of maturity). You will absolutely taste that this is a special combination! A wonderfully complicated rum with a buttery and honeylike taste, with spicy oak and fruit. Great price-quality that is worth trying.

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